Can I Keep an Amelanchier Small?

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An Amelanchier is also called the snowy Mespilus, June serviceberry, or shadbush – a shrub commonly found in North America. Amelanchier’s “snowy mespilus” name is drawn from its ability to produce starry white flowers that flourish in the late spring.  The tree develops copper-red leaves after the shedding of flowers, which then turn green during […]

Eight Sculptural Trees For Your Garden 

Quercus palustris Green Pillar

Sculptural trees with narrow, upright forms create striking vertical accents in any garden. Unlike spreading shade trees, columnar and fastigiate tree varieties have a unique vase, cone and pillar-shaped growth habits. These growth habits lend height and drama while occupying minimal ground space.  From evergreen Pines and Yews, to flowering Crab Apples, these trees offer […]

Six Small Bushy Trees Perfect For Winter Interest 

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Small bushy trees can be perfect in a winter garden. While winter may seem like a dreary time for gardens, it doesn’t have to be! Incorporating trees and shrubs that shine year-round can brighten your outdoor space beautifully, even during dormancy. When frost descends, dazzling barks emerge, plump buds swell with spring’s visions, and hearty […]

Six Small Trees With Interesting Bark 

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Tree bark may seem like an afterthought, but it can be fascinating upon closer inspection. Many tree species, significantly smaller ornamental varieties, have uniquely textured and coloured bark that provides aesthetic interest throughout the year. When selected carefully, small trees with distinctive bark can add visual flair and become a central focal point in landscapes […]

Multi-stem Silver Birch Trees: How Tall Do They Grow? 

Betula pendula Silver Birch 2 scaled

Silver birch trees add four-season visual interest to landscapes with their striking white bark and graceful drooping branches. Some birch trees develop multiple stems from a shared root system rather than a single trunk. These multi-stem birches have a distinct look and growth pattern.   A common question is how tall multi-stem silver birch trees grow […]

Seven Small Garden Trees Perfect for Topiary 


Topiary is the art of clipping garden trees or scrubs into architectural shapes. Furthermore, this form of garden is not a new fad but rather an activity that never goes out of fashion. Surprisingly, gardeners have been engaging in topiary since the Roman times when the first manuscripts written by Pliny the Younger that allude […]

What Are The Benefits Of Multi-stem Trees? 

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Trees are growing in popularity, not least because of the multiple benefits they bring to any outside space. Multi-stem trees have emerged as champions in urban landscapes, managed forests, and gardens.   These unique specimens, characterised by multiple stems emerging from the ground, offer many benefits that make them an invaluable addition to any green space. […]

Seven Trees Great For Autumn Colours 

autumn trees

Autumn wouldn’t be the same without the crisp leaves that crunch beneath our feet. As they flutter down after a thriving summer, the burnt orange fallen tree leaves gently remind us that that life is fleeting and utterly beautiful. But did you know that only Deciduous trees prepare to part ways with their leaves at […]

What Are Multi-Stem Trees?

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Are you planning a landscaping project that requires an eye-catching focal point or plenty of shade? If so, consider introducing multi-stem trees into your outdoor space. Trees harbour many benefits, from converting sunlight into energy to providing animals and organisms with food and shelter.  But why choose a multi-stem tree in particular? Enhancing your property […]

Watering Newly Planted Trees

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There is a lot to consider when planting new trees, and knowing exactly how much water to use when watering newly planted trees is essential to protect your young tree so it can thrive for decades or even longer.  In this blog we explore the vital role of water in the growth and resilience of […]