Trees With Character to Enhance Any Garden 

Trees with Character - the Pyrus-salicifolia-Pendula

There are plenty of trees with character that will enhance your outside space. While beautiful flower borders, decorative shrubs and well-trimmed hedges enhance the beauty of a landscape, trees with character can bring interest to any garden. Choosing and planting a tree may seem daunting, but the right choice can make your space stand out […]

Transplanting Trees: When and How

transplanting trees

Transplanting trees needs careful planning. Multi-stem trees are tender and delicate in the early stages of their lives. This is one of the primary reasons these plants are raised in a nursery before transplanting to a permanent location. However, they may sustain damage from dehydration, exposure, or other factors during transplanting.  Seedlings of small-seeded, spread […]

Rushing Towards The End Of The Tree Lifting Season 

The tree lifting season is an important period of time for us at New Wood Trees. Trees are an integral part of the well-being of the Earth’s ecosystem. As well as being beautiful, their significance extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Trees are crucial to human survival, and the value they serve is immeasurable. Trees […]