Looking for the best trees for small gardens is never a bad idea if you want to spice up your garden and give it plenty of visual interest. Whatever your vision for your garden, we can make it happen.

Our Mission

Our team here at New Wood Trees is dedicated to running and maintaining our nursery which specialises in field grown, multi-stem trees.

Our passion for this type of tree is one of the reasons why we created a nursery where we can grow true multistems, in the ground, and prune them correctly to create beautiful specimens.

The multi-stemmed trees we grow will enhance any garden, as multi-stems have more foliage than a standard stem tree of the same size, which means you will instantly see and feel the impact it has.


Which tree has a small root system?

There are many things to consider when planting a tree, not least the parts you cannot see. Trees with small root systems are the perfect choice for small gardens and for planting close to buildings.

Whilst there’s a great variety of small evergreen trees, a few notable ones with small root systems include the Buxus sempervirens ‘Rontundifolia’ (Box), Osmanthus x burkwoodii (Osmanthus), Pinus mugo (Pine), Viburnum rhytidophyllum (Leatherleaf Viburnum).

What is the best tree to plant near a house?

Many people like to plant trees close to their houses to provide shade and increase habitats for wildlife.  The most popular local small garden trees include Betula albosinensis ‘Fascination’, Euonymus europaeus, Malus ‘Evereste’, Amelanchier lamarckii, etc.

What is the best tree for a small garden?

When considering where to buy the best trees for small gardens and what variety to choose, one option is the Amelanchier lamarckii (June Berry). This small, ornamental tree grows to about 2.5 metres and thrives successfully in containers. It creates a beautiful canopy at maturity and is perfect for seasonal interest: spring flowers, edible berries and stunning autumn colour.