Seven Trees Great For Autumn Colours 

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Autumn wouldn’t be the same without the crisp leaves that crunch beneath our feet. As they flutter down after a thriving summer, the burnt orange fallen tree leaves gently remind us that that life is fleeting and utterly beautiful. But did you know that only Deciduous trees prepare to part ways with their leaves at […]

Our Top Tips For Pruning Tree Canopies 

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Pruning tree canopies is important. Taking care of a tree and watching it flourish can be an incredibly fulfilling experience. However, as much as we adore the lush foliage, refreshing shade, and all the other natural perks that come with its branches, there are instances when we must part ways with at least bits of […]

The Best Medium And Large Trees For Encouraging Wildlife 


We are often asked which are the best trees for encouraging wildlife into a garden. Numerous wildlife species might find a thriving existence in a single tree. It’s a world in which roots and branches provide cosy places to rest and build nests while seeds and leaves are brimming with nutritional goodness, sustaining various species. […]