Autumn Colour

Cornus kousa 'Satomi'

Japanese Strawberry Tree
Small tree with exceptional pink flower bracts.

Crataegus coccinea

Scarlet Hawthorn
Deciduous, loose, broad shrub or small tree, relatively fast growing with white flowers which are followed by large, plump red berries into late autumn. The stiff upright stems makes a great small multistem tree.

Crataegus persimilis 'Prunifolia'

Broad-leaved Cockspur Thorn
Deciduous, small tree with a compact and rounded outline, striking autumn colour and lots of bright red berries into early winter. It's narrow shapes makes it a very good multistem tree.

Crataegus x lavallei 'Carrierei'

Hybrid Cockspur Thorn
This is a mostly thornless Thorn! Beautiful light grey bark, dark green leaves, which turns bright red before falling late in the season. Great bright red haws - what's not to like!

Euonymus alatus

Winged Euonymus
Deciduous, shrub grown for its bright red autumn colour and winged bark for winter interest.

Metasequioa glyptostroboides

Dawn Redwood
Conical large tree - deciduous - good autumn colour.

Nothofagus antarctica

Antarctic Beech
Deciduous tree with a bizarre twisted asymmetrical appearance. Crooked stems with twigs that fan out.

Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’

Ornamental Pear
Deciduous, small to medium sized tree. Slender and upright with the qualities of a fruiting pear tree but without the fruit.

Viburnum x burkwoodii

Burkwood Viburnum
Semi-evergreen, large open shrub. Slow growing and fragrant white flowers in spring.
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