Pinus sylvestris

Scotts Pine
Pinus sylvestris

This is a very hardy native Pine tree which will trive in a variety of conditions - dry sandy sites, fertile agricultural land and even wet acid conditons.  It is quite bushy and dense when you, but will grow up to be a single stem tree with a flattened out crown. 

They provide shelter from the winds, which will allow a garden space to become a different microclimate.  This will allow more tender species to be established.  It will also provide shelter to animal and bird life during the bleak winter months.

Key Facts: 

Flowers:  N/A

Fruit:  Cones

Bark:  Very unusual, almost cork like.

Leaves:  Evergreen twisted needles are dark grey-green.

Autumn colour:  N/A.

Ultimate height:  36m

Uses:  Screening and protection from winds.  As an evergreen it give structure to the garden during the winter months.