Salix alba 'Britzensis'

Corral Bark Willow
Salix alba 'Britzensis'
Salix alba 'Britzensis'
Salix alba 'Britzensis'

Willlow trees pollarded at two different heights - 1m and 2m.  This allows the tree to put on new growth in the summer and it is this new growth that goes bright red in the winter.  Just before the spring the trees are pollarded again and the process starts again.


Key Facts: 

Flowers:  N/A

Fruit:  N/A

Bark:  Deeply fissured with age.

Leaves:  Narrow elliptical, light green on top and silvery underneath.

Autumn colour:  N/A

Ultimate height:  3 - 5 m.

Uses:  The bright red stem for winter interest.