Email from a couple in Stoke Gabriel, Devon after planting in their garden:

Anyway – I have just had a cup of tea and wandered through your ‘creation’ pretending I was on the mowed path we will create. I reckon we should have done it years ago – which must mean you have got it spot on. I know Niki really likes them too.

Feel free to wander round any time to inspect the trees – also if you need to show any prospective customer – feel free.

Email from Green Mile Trees:

As a nursery proud of supplying high quality stock to the trade as well as to designers and private customers, we have to choose our own suppliers with care.  We bought some really nice and unusual multi stemmed specimens from Philip this year, all of which are flourishing and have attracted any admiring looks.  They were potted in February and so are nearly ready to sell from our own nursery.  1/2 the stock is already marked for deliveries later in the summer, so well be back for more...

C.S. June 2011 Green Mile Trees

Email from Andrew Rathbone - Rathbone Partnership Chartered Landscape Architects

'Philip, thanks for showing me around - very impressive and refreshing to see longterm investment like this.'

Email from private customer in Devon:


'Thank you very much for delivering the witch hazel. I hope it doesn’t miss the fertile soil of Stoke Gabriel and that beautiful view of the Dart. I had wondered about nurturing my own smaller version, but after looking at several bedraggled specimens at other nurseries, I realised that it is well worth getting something that already looks healthy and HAPPY!

 It was a real pleasure visiting your trees and I hope to return soon.


Email from Landscape Architect, London :

'Many thanks for taking the time to show us around your wonderful nursery yesterday - you have some fantastic trees which will transform the gardens I am working on.

 Patrick Collins, Chartered Landscape Architect'

Best Horticultural Stand Toby Buckland Garden Festival 2014

New Wood trees wins first award at Toby Buckland Garden Festival 2014.

Lisa Cox - garden designer: