Contract Grown


We now offer a Contract Growing Service which allows you to order your field grown trees in advance ready for delivery during the summer months. There are a number of advantages to this, not least the peace of mind that you will take delivery of the specific trees you require for the job.


Each contract can be tailored to suit your needs.  You can specify exactly what you want, from the variety, quantity and sizes of the trees to the date delivery needs to be fulfilled, eliminating the risk of being forced to accept whatever is available closer to the planting date.

Planning ahead in this way provides peace of mind that the trees you have selected for a job will be ready and available for when they are needed.  No need to compromise on what has been planned for the design. No need to change the design or specification because your choice of trees is not available ensuring total customer satisfaction.


Prices will be agreed up front and there are no hidden costs, so you will have a fixed cost and a delivery date when you place the order. If you are unable to take your trees by April the following year, a daily charge will be added to each tree.

We have a strict policy of only using peat-free compost for our containerised trees.