Ornamental garden trees are an essential part of any landscape. Not only do they improve air quality and provide shade, they also make any ordinary or dull space look beautiful. Whether it’s for architectural or decorative purposes, ornamental garden trees are must-haves for your garden.

What are ornamental garden trees?

An ornamental garden tree gets its aesthetic value from a defining feature: it could be an outstanding fragrance and flowers, some colourful or uncommon bark, an interesting shape, or a stunning Autumn colour. These trees don’t just look good: they can also soften harsh architectural lines, creating stunning framed views of your house.

Most importantly, they build the impression of a well-established space in new residential areas and minimise the raw “unfinished” appearance. For these reasons, we recommend having at least one or two of these trees in your garden at home.

There are many varieties of ornamental trees that will add beauty and character to any garden and below are some of the ornamental trees that New Wood Trees offer.  We offer an in-house delivery service which provides peace of mind that your trees will be delivered in perfect condition.

  • Acer campestre (Field Maple)
  • Amelanchier x lamarckii (June Berry or Snowy Mespilus)
  • Betula nigra (River Birch)
  • Buxus sempervirens ‘Rotundifolia’ (Box Rotundifolia)
  • Carpinus betulus (Hornbeam)
  • Gingko biloba (Maidenhair Tree)
  • Juniperus ‘Skyrocket’ (Rocky Mountain Juniper)

Home Of The Best Ornamental Trees For Small Gardens

Whether you’re looking to transform your garden or simply to add some foliage, New Wood Trees can supply you with British grown, high quality, specimen trees which are available in the UK today. 

Established in 2008, our 35-acre site is scattered around the rolling hills of South Devon, and all our trees are grown in the ground, in our fields, for 5 years or more.

We specialise in multi-stem trees and have over 90 varieties to choose from, ranging from 1 to 5 metres in size; the perfect size to make an instant impact in any garden.

Pruning is what makes our trees unique, and each and every one is carefully pruned and sculpted to create beautiful shapes. We particularly enjoy raising the canopies, which results in exquisite, umbrella shaped crowns, making them perfect for under-planting or seating.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our best ornamental trees for small gardens we highly recommend you visit the nursery first in order to choose and tag your trees. Visits are by appointment only so please contact us to arrange a time. We offer personal and professional advice to help you pick the right ornamental tree depending on your specific preferences.

We dig our trees out of the ground between November and April as it’s during these months that the trees are dormant.  They are supplied with a root ball and we offer a personal delivery service nationwide.

We also have an extensive container area which allows us to supply our trees throughout the year and to offer our contract growing service:  many of our customers are unable to take delivery of their trees during the winter as they may have a project which doesn’t require the trees until the summer months.

In this instance, we will dig the trees up and containerise them during the winter, and look after them in our container area until the customer is ready to take delivery.

Some customers go further than this and will ask us to grow a certain number of a particular variety ready for a project.  If you would like to know more about these services please do not hesitate to contact us and we can answer any questions you may have.

We highly recommend you visit the nursery first in order to choose and tag your trees. Visits are by appointment only so please contact us to arrange a time.  We offer personal and professional advice to help you pick the right ornamental evergreen trees depending on your specific preferences.

Order Your Trees Now

New Wood Trees is the UK’s leading and trusted multi-stem tree nursery specialising in ornamental garden trees. We grow and supply beautiful, sculpted, artisan specimens which are perfect for any garden. We have our own delivery service, giving you peace of mind that your trees will be delivered in perfect condition.

We can deliver nationwide so please do not hesitate to contact us on 01803 782 666 to place your order. Alternatively, you can send an email to [email protected].


What is the best tree for a small garden?

Choosing the right ornamental trees for small gardens can be tricky, and it’s important to get it right.  Find out how big the tree you choose will be at its mature height as it may eventually block out a lot of natural light, or spoil the aesthetics of your garden.  We can help you decide which is the best tree for you and to give you some ideas, here’s a list of some of the more popular decorative flowering shrubs for small gardens which we supply:

  • Malus spp (Crab Apple)
  • Amelanchier x lamarckii (June Berry or Snowy Mespilus)
  • Crataegus spp (Hawthorn)

What is the easiest tree to grow?

Today, fast growing decorative garden plants are very popular as they give us the opportunity to enjoy their benefits in a short period of time. Heptacodium miconioides (Seven-sons Tree) is one of the fastest-growing decorative shrubs, growing up to 1 metre each year. It is known for its beautiful bark and gorgeous white flowers, which appear late in the summer when nothing else is flowering. This is great for insect pollinators and provides a rich habitat for birds.

What is the optimal number of trees to have in a small garden? 

A garden of 14 square metres is considered small in the UK, which is why many people want to maximise this space as much as possible. Most garden owners choose to plant flowering shrubs and decorative plants to improve the aesthetic appearance of their garden, as well as to increase privacy. If you prefer to have one or more trees in your garden, then flowering cherry trees for small gardens is a good place to start your research.

The Best British Trees Your Garden Must Have

If you have already found a local ornamental trees seller, you’ll now have to choose which of the many British trees to buy for your garden:

Crataegus spp (Hawthorn)

Also called the May tree, its white flowers are a sign that Spring has begun. These ornamental garden trees are usually used during spring ceremonies. What’s more, they can also be used for practical purposes as its berries are thought to have benefits for the heart when eaten.

Ilex aquifolium (Holly)

These beautiful evergreen trees usually bloom during the Christmas period. They have striking red berries which serve as the main source of food for many bird species and look stunning with their spiky leaves on a cold, winter night.

Why You Should Plant Trees For Wildlife

Biodiversity is a hot topic at the moment as we are witnessing an alarming decline of birds and insects in the UK. Trees and shrubs provide a natural habitat for many bird and insect species, and the need to plant more in order to preserve and revive these populations can’t be underestimated.  Aside from the aesthetic and architectural benefits of ornamental garden trees Devon, it’s important to bear in mind the ecological benefits of the trees you choose to plant.  Certain varieties will encourage birds and insects more than others, such as:

Crataegus spp (Hawthorn)

There are many varieties of Hawthorns, some which are native to the British Isles, such as Crataegus monogyna and Crataegus laevigata, and some which are not, such as Crataegus persimilis ‘Prunifolia’.

They have copious red ‘haws’ which provide food for birds and in spring display the most stunning and abundant white or pink blossom, fantastic for attracting pollinator insects. They usually grow no taller than 8m or 16ft but can be kept smaller through careful pruning.

Malus spp (Crab Apple)

Flowering Crab Apple trees bloom with an abundance of spring blossom, providing a rich supply of pollen for bees. They also have big crops of miniature yellow and red apples in the Autumn, which typically last until midwinter, and which are the main food source for Fieldfares and Redwings.

If you have decided which trees to purchase for your garden you are probably looking where to buy ornamental garden trees. We offer a wide selection of beautiful specimens, each with its own unique character and without exception, customers are inspired when they visit our nursery. A visit is highly recommended and we would be delighted to show you around, so please feel free to contact us to make an appointment.