Viburnum x burkwoodii – Burkwood Viburnum

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In spring, this shrub is covered in clusters of pink buds which open into fragrant, white, tubular flowers with a pleasant vanilla scent.  The shrub is semi-evergreen and the leaves which die off in the autumn turn scarlet, red and orange before they fall, contrasting beautifully with the remaining shiny dark green leaves.

This shrub is particularly suitable for creating a canopy by clearing the stems to expose the attractive criss-cross pattern they form.

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Flowers:  An abundance of large, ball-shaped cymes (large collection of small flowers).  Pink buds which open to pure white flowers with a vanilla fragrance on a sunny day.

Fruit:  N/A

Bark:  N/A

Leaves:  Semi-evergreen, shiny and dark green.

Autumn colour:  Scarlet, red and orange.

Ultimate height:  2.5m

Uses:  Hardy plant for most situations except very shady areas.  Plant where the fragrant flowers can be enjoyed.

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