Our trees at Hampton Court Garden Festival 2024

New Wood Trees Philip Nieuwoudt sitting with Arit Anderson at her RHS Peat free garden

We’re very proud to share that our beautiful, multi-stem trees have this week featured in the RHS Peat-Free Garden, designed by the renowned British garden designer, writer, and television presenter, Arit Anderson.

Known for her presentations on the BBC’s Gardeners World and Garden Rescue, Arit crafted a garden to raise awareness about the significant environmental impact of peat compost in horticulture and demonstrate that a stunning garden can be created without the use of peat.

The Peat-Free Garden was a vibrant display of colour and texture, seamlessly blending naturalistic planting that mimics untouched peatland with more familiar domestic garden elements. It featured shaded and sun-loving borders and beds, creating a diverse and visually appealing landscape.

The use of sustainably sourced materials beautifully reflected the garden’s commitment to the environment. The centrepiece greenhouse was constructed using upcycled windows, paving stones from other projects, old railway sleepers, and even a repurposed beehive transformed into a bug hotel. Additionally, two large water butts harvested rainwater from the greenhouse roof. The excess water was directed into a wildlife-friendly feature and rain garden, ensuring a steady water supply during dry periods.

The feedback from the festival visitors and the RHS was overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the beauty and environmental significance of the garden.

Here is a short video of Arit chatting to Philip about her thoughts on New Wood Trees’ involvement with her garden:

The multi-stem trees we supplied for this project

We supplied six exquisite trees to this project, all grown in British soil at our nursery in South Devon, and of course – without the use of peat:

  1. Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ – Known for its beautiful, peeling bark and striking appearance.
  2. Crataegus x lavallei ‘Carrierei’ – This tree brings year-round interest with its glossy green leaves, white spring flowers, and vibrant red haws in autumn.
  3. Elaeagnus multiflora – Valued for its fragrant flowers and edible, antioxidant-rich fruits and fixing nitrogen into the soil.
  4. Hamamelis intermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ (x2) – Famous for its bright yellow, fragrant winter flowers.
  5. Sorbus intermedia – A versatile tree with attractive foliage and clusters of white flowers followed by red berries.

Arit personally visited our nursery to select the perfect trees for her design. We carefully packed and delivered them to the Hampton Court build exactly when needed, ensuring they arrived in pristine condition.

Educating the industry about the use of peat-free compost

It was the first time the RHS showcased a peat-free garden, making it a landmark project. The garden featured large information boards with educational facts about the use of peat and its impact on climate change.

During the show, our founder Philip Nieuwoudt also spoke as part of the Peat-Free Talks in the garden.  He enjoyed educating a full tent about our experience as a peat free grower.

Philip Nieuwoudt speaking to an audience about New Wood Trees' experience of Peat-free growing. As part of the peat free talks at the RHS Hampton Court Garden Festival

After the show, the garden will be donated to a Sunnyside Rural Trust to recreate it in a permanent location, continuing to educate people about the importance of peat-free gardening. Sunnyside train people with learning disabilities to acquire skills in a number of rural activities. These include beekeeping, looking after chickens, growing a wide range of plants and produce, landscaping and garden maintenance.

To learn more about peat-free gardening please visit this useful resource created by the RHS.

Thoughts from Arit & the garden build team:

Arit expressed her gratitude, saying:

“I just want to say thank you to you and the team. I’m so happy with the trees; they look fantastic. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm, knowledge, and contribution to the garden. You’ve all been so supportive, and we’re so pleased to give other people this important encouragement by showing them that it’s possible to grow peat-free in the UK.”

Arit Anderson

Beautfort and Rampton commented:

“We are the landscapers building Arit’s garden at Hampton. Just a quick note to say, I was struck by the beautiful trees you sent up to Hampton for Arit’s garden. Really beautiful, well-cared-for stock – you can see the love that’s gone into these specimens, shining through! I hope to be able to use your trees in projects we have coming up – nice job!”

Catherine Rampton, Beaufort & Rampton.

“This collaboration with Arit Anderson and the RHS is a testament to our commitment to promoting sustainable gardening practices. It underlines our dedication to offering high-quality, British-grown multi-stem trees that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly. And our dedication to sustainability and the use of peat-free growing mediums.  We look forward to continuing our support for sustainable gardening initiatives and telling the story of the charitable project that will result from this.

Philip Nieuwoudt, Founder
New Wood Trees RHS Peat free garden arit ansderon 10

Huge credit to the team involved in this project:

Arit Anderson
Beaufort & Rampton.
Hillier Trees
Landform UK

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