Eight sculptural trees for your garden 

Quercus palustris Green Pillar

Sculptural trees with narrow, upright forms create striking vertical accents in any garden. Unlike spreading shade trees, columnar and fastigiate tree varieties have a unique vase, cone and pillar-shaped growth habits. These growth habits lend height and drama while occupying minimal ground space.  From evergreen Pines and Yews, to flowering Crab Apples, these trees offer […]

The Best Medium And Large Trees For Encouraging Wildlife 


We are often asked which are the best trees for encouraging wildlife into a garden. Numerous wildlife species might find a thriving existence in a single tree. It’s a world in which roots and branches provide cosy places to rest and build nests while seeds and leaves are brimming with nutritional goodness, sustaining various species. […]

Rushing Towards The End Of The Tree Lifting Season 

No 3

The tree lifting season is an important period of time for us at New Wood Trees. Trees are an integral part of the well-being of the Earth’s ecosystem. As well as being beautiful, their significance extends far beyond their aesthetic appeal. Trees are crucial to human survival, and the value they serve is immeasurable. Trees […]