Crataegus coccinea

Scarlet Hawthorn

This small, deciduous Hawthorn is from North America and has a very upright form, perfect for creating a multi-stem shape.

Relatively fast growing, it has beautiful white flowers which are quite large for a Hawthorn and the whole tree becomes covered in large, plump red berries right into the autumn months.  Its beautiful autumn colour and long thorns add to the dramatic effect of this gem of a tree.

Flowers:  Large, white, single flowers with pink stamens.  Pungent smell.

Fruit:  Medium sized bright red berries from late summer.

Leaves:  Broadly ovoid leaves, medium green.

Autumn colour:  Yellow-orange.

Ultimate height:  6m

Uses:  Small tree with good shape.

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Crataegus coccinea - New Wood Trees