Crataegus monogyna

Common Hawthorn

This is our native Hawthorn which is one of the first to flower in our hedgerows.

This small, deciduous tree makes a very striking specimen and the twisted branches add character.  During May it is covered in clusters of creamy-white flowers which have a delightful fragrance.

Hawthorn has been part of superstition and folklore since very early times.  The tree was supposed to ward off evil spirits and therefore I believe every house should have at least one!

Flowers:  Plentiful small white flowers, normally in May.

Fruit:  Roundish dark red berries.

Leaves:  Deeply cut pale to dark green leaves.

Autumn colour:  Wine-red to yellow-orange.

Ultimate height:  12m

Uses:  Very robust tree, not demanding at all, popular in hedges and even good as a specimen.

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Crataegus monogyna - New Wood Trees