Salix caprea

Goat or Pussy Willow

This willow grows well away from water and the rounded leaves are completely different to the narrow leaves of other willows.  It is covered in downy white buds in spring which are popular with florists. The buds open to form an abundance of fluffy, yellow flowers.

A small tree, it does not extend more than 10 metres in height.



Flowers:  Initially silvery then yellow plentiful flowers with a pleasant honey flavour.

Fruit:  N/A

Leaves:  Round to broadly elliptical, pale green in colour and silvery grey underneath.

Autumn colour:  Yellow to orange-brown.

Ultimate height:  10m

Uses:  Not as vigorous as other Willows, silvery leaves can be used as leaf contrast and the flower display is a great attention seeker.

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Salix caprea - New Wood Trees