Why Multi-stem

From the weeping willow to the majestic oak, everyone loves the impact of a beautiful tree. The only problem is that it takes half a lifetime, if not more, for these trees to acquire their aesthetic charms. As a result, buying a tree from new can often test the patience of even the most committed designer, as it can take years to begin to see the benefits of your investment.  You can of course buy older, larger specimens but this is an expensive undertaking and is out of the reach of most budgets. 

Multi-stem trees have been cultivated for those who don’t want to wait.  A typical 2m single stem tree can take ten years to achieve any great impact.  Because a multi-stem tree has three, five or seven stems, the growth is more obvious because it broadens the canopy and enhances the overall presence of the tree.  It gives it a size worthy of a much older specimen, which means more value for your money.