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We are an artisan tree nursery situated in the beautiful South Devon countryside.

Founded in 2008, we specialise in field grown multi-stem trees and shrubs. We grow approximately 13,000 trees have over 100 varieties  for you to choose from.

All our trees are grown here in British soils for at least five years, meaning they are accustomed to the British climate.  They are lovingly hand pruned to create a beautifully sculpted, distinctive shape and structure. And they’re all hugely individual and full of character due to their environment and our care.

We supply trees to Garden Designers, nurseries and other customers throughout the UK. Notably, our trees have been showcased in winning entries at the Chelsea Flower Show and Hampton Court Garden Festival.

All our containerised trees are potted with peat-free compost.

Our Services

We specialise in growing multi-stem trees which are cultivated in our fields for about five years. In this time they are meticulously pruned and sculpted to form stunning umbrella-shaped crowns which allows for underplanting or seating. Our trees, ranging from one to five meters tall, are sold at a size that ensures they can make an instant impact in any garden.

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Our field grown trees are available from November to April as rootballs. To enable year-round sales, we maintain a large container area, and customers who need more flexibility and advanced ordering can opt for our contract growing service.

From our location close to the M5 we are able to deliver to a large part of the country and supply trees year round across the UK.

We offer professional and personal advice to our customers and we warmly encourage you to visit our nursery in person. So that you can immerse yourself and experience the trees in a way that you simply can’t from websites and photographs.

You’ll be able to choose your preferred trees, understand their individual character, and tag them in person. Leaving with peace of mind that you will receive exactly what is needed to suit your design.

Nursery visits are by appointment only. Please get in touch to book your personal appointment.


Field Grown Tree Collection Catalogue

To understand which British grown multi-stem trees we have available from our Field Grown Collection please download our latest catalogue here:

Our trees are lifted from the fields during the autumn/winter season when their growth has become dormant. Therefore trees lifted directly from the ground are available only during this period. Our catalogue for the coming rootball season is issued each September. So please check back here for our updated catalogue in due course. 


Container Grown Trees Availability List

To understand which British grown multi-stem trees we have available from our container area please download our latest availability list here:

14th July 62

We lift our trees from our Devon fields between November and
early April (during their dormant season). 
But we realise that this may not always fit with when you want or need to plant them. So, our container area allows us to offer the best, most flexible service to meet your needs.

Our container area enables us to hold trees safely and
sustainably in Air-Pots and peat-free compost until you’re ready to receive and plant them.  

Latest news and advice

The importance of trees in our environment

Peat-free growing

As garden designers and tree lovers alike, we recognise the integral role of trees in our environment. They actively maintain ecological balance and contribute significantly to the overall well-being of our planet. However, have you considered the numerous benefits they offer?

Find out more here. 

In our minds, no grower should be using peat compost ever.  This is because we fully understand the reasoning behind this position and the importance of peat bogs in our landscapes. But we also know that not everyone appreciates the detail and scale of this issue.

So, we are working in partnership with the RHS and British garden designer, writer, and television presenter, Arit Anderson to increase awareness of this important subject, and demonstrate that creating a beautiful garden is absolutely possible without the use of peat. 

Read more about one of the projects we have undertaken to support this here.