Why Multi-stem trees?

Why multi stems?

From the graceful weeping willow to the towering majesty of an oak, the beauty of a tree captivates all who behold it. Yet, the patience required for these trees to reach their full splendour can test even the most dedicated designer, often taking decades to achieve their aesthetic allure. Purchasing a tree when it’s young can mean waiting years before witnessing the full benefits of your investment. While mature, fully developed specimens are available for purchase, they often come with a hefty price tag, placing them beyond the reach of many budgets. This is where multistem trees present an appealing solution.

Multistem trees offer an alternative for those unwilling to wait. A conventional single-stem tree reaching 2 meters in height may require a decade or more to make a significant impact. In contrast, multistem trees with three, five, or seven stems display noticeable growth much sooner. With their broadened canopy and enhanced presence, these trees convey the grandeur of a much older specimen, providing greater value for your investment.

Crafting a beautiful multistem tree begins with ancient coppicing, cutting a tree back to stimulate multiple stems. Genuine multistem trees bear the distinctive appearance of coppicing, shaped through skillful pruning for desired aesthetics.

While many tree varieties suit this cultivation, challenges may arise with species like Hornbeams. Careful root selection is crucial in such cases.

Buyers must exercise caution when acquiring these trees. Some growers combine single-stem specimens as a shortcut, failing to produce true multi-stems. Purchasers must ensure they invest in authentic trees cultivated using proper techniques.

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Sculptured trees

Multi-stem trees are in high demand due to their striking architectural shape and instant aesthetic appeal. They stand out from standardized single-stem varieties, which are bound by rigid European regulations dictating their size and dimensions.

Unlike single-stem trees, multi stems offer a canvas for creativity and diversity, bypassing legislative constraints. Each multi stem tree boasts its own unique charm and character, making them increasingly popular among garden designers seeking innovative solutions.

While the UK’s market in these trees is still emerging, most saplings are imported from countries like Italy and Spain. However, efforts are underway to boost domestic production. New Wood Trees leads this initiative, with approximately 15% of our young stock now sourced from British growers—a percentage we aim to steadily increase until reaching 100%.

Exclusive to New Wood Trees, our field-grown multi-stem trees spend a minimum of five years thriving in Devon soil. This ensures they are robust, disease-free, and well-adapted to the British climate.

To truly appreciate the beauty and diversity of our trees we invite you to visit our nursery. With over ninety unique varieties on offer, each tree has its own story waiting to be discovered. Schedule your personal appointment with our office and experience the magic of our beautifully sculpted trees first hand. View our stock collection.