A multistem nursery for trees

Nestled in South Devon’s sprawling 80 acres, New Wood Trees operates as a dedicated nursery for semi-mature trees, actively cultivating top-quality, field-grown multi-stem trees. Our strategic focus has always been to provide the British market with expertly sculpted trees, akin to those in Europe. 

As a specialized field-grown tree nursery, we plant and nurture every tree in our fields for about five years. We sell exclusively what we cultivate, ensuring each tree meets our high standards before leaving the nursery.

our trained staff diligently prunes and periodically transplants our trees. This essential process fosters a strong root system, stimulates growth, and guarantees the tree’s survival when it is ready for sale.


We import the majority of our stock due to the challenge of finding high-quality, small multi-stem plants locally. Starting with top-notch plants is crucial, and we focus on true multi-stems rather than bundle planting. We buy plants around 60-80cm rootballed, with 10% sourced from UK suppliers. Our goal is to increase this percentage over time, fostering relationships with UK growers to ultimately source all our stock domestically. We have a variety of semi-mature trees in both our container area and fields.

As a values-driven business, sustainability and biodiversity define us. Our trees, grown for at least five years in the UK, boast a lower carbon footprint than similar-sized imported trees. We prioritize native and climate-adapted species, contributing to the local environment and supporting wildlife.

Our dedicated nursery team works tirelessly, especially in challenging weather conditions, demonstrating resilience while handling heavy rootballs. A drying room ensures readiness for the next day, and rubber overalls are available during wet weather.

For a firsthand experience, we encourage visiting our tree nursery. Seeing and smelling the real thing is incomparable, and we’re delighted to show you around by appointment to view our semi-mature trees.

Our Team


We love our trees, but the nursery would not exist without the people who run it.  We are a small, family business and operate with a hardworking and dedicated team of six full time employees, plus a further six during the winter months.  As a value-driven business, our staff’s well-being and happiness is extremely important to us.  We take great care to foster a respectful and supportive working environment and have recently become a Living Wage Employer.

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