Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ – Black Birch Cully

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This is a variety of River Birch that is more upright in shape but it still creates a great canopy.  Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ or Black Birch Cully, is a very good tree to use in a garden design to add bark interest, as the bark peels in chunks revealing cinnamon coloured bark underneath.  The leaves are diamond shaped and dark green which turn a beautiful yellow colour during autumn.  This tree is quite happy close to water, but can also cope with drier conditions.  The tree produces very attractive yellow catkins in spring.  Betula nigra ‘Heritage’ is a shallow rooted tree like most other Birches.  This tree is a perfect tree to plant as a single specimen tree in the garden.

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Flowers:  Yellow catkins.

Fruit:  Inconspicuous.

Bark:  Young stems black (nigra). Older bark cinnamon-brown, peeling in curly strips.

Leaves: Deciduous, diamond shaped, dull green early in the season, later shine green with velvety hairs.

Autumn colour:  Pale yellow

Ultimate height:  12m

Uses: More upright version of Betula nigra with beautiful peeling bark and great canopy.

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