Betula nigra – River Birch

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Betula nigra, or River Birch is quite different from other birches because of its arching spreading shape.  This creates a great canopy tree, so it will work quite well as a single specimen tree on a lawn or next to a stream as part of a planting scheme. An irregular tree with spreading pendulous branches. The leaves are diamond shaped and dark green which turns a beautiful yellow during autumn.  As the name suggests it likes to be near water, but it also grows well away from it. The main attraction is the peeling bark – a beautiful creamy brown when the new bark is revealed. The long yellow male catkins are very attractive in early spring.  Betula nigra, like other Birches, are shallow rooted

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Flowers:  Inconspicuous yellow catkins.

Fruit:  Inconspicuous

Bark:  Young stems black (nigra). Older bark cinnamon-brown, peeling in curly strips.

Leaves:  Deciduous.  Diamond shaped, dull green early in season, later shiny green with velvety hairs.

Autumn colour:  Pale yellow

Ultimate height:  15m

Uses:  Bark creates winter interest and as a specimen canopy tree in the middle of the lawn.

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