Cornus kousa var. chinensis - Chinese Dogwood

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It would be difficult to find a more beautiful shrub than this one, with its glorious, windmill-shaped, large, white flowers.  It is particularly striking in spring and attracts a lot of attention.

Its drooping foilage is a talking point as the plant gives the impression of requiring water, but this is simply the way it grows.  The leaves turn an orange-red to a very dark, burgondy-red in autumn and during the late summer there are an abundance of small, red, edible fruits which will attract a variety of birds to the garden.


Flowers:  Four petals which are white with a dark centre forming a large flower display.

Fruit:  Dull-red strawberry like fruit on older shrubs.

Leaves:  Elliptic slightly curled.

Autumn colour:  Orange-red to dark red.

Ultimate height:  6m

Uses:  Grown for it flower display and good autumn colour