Cornus mas – Cornelian Cherry

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We fell in love with the Cornus mas as it is full of character and forms a beautiful small multi-stem tree.   They respond well to being pruned so we’re able to create perfect little multi-stem trees. With plenty of stems and a very neat, domed canopy.

The bonus is, of course, the display of bright yellow flowers during the late winter months which is always a delight at that time of year.  If you are lucky, it will become covered in red, cherry-shaped, edible fruits in autumn. These are perfect for jelly making or you can leave them for the birds to enjoy.

The bark on the Cornus mas peels off in chunks with age, which can give it the appearance of a small London Plane tree.  This feature just adds to an already very charming tree, making it a must have in any garden design.

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Flowers:  Late winter (February), masses of small yellow flowers.

Fruit:  Oval, cherry sized fruits containing a stone.

Leaves:  Deciduous, elliptical, curl downwards.

Bark:  Crackled and flaking gives a great texture and colour.

Autumn colour:  Pale yellow to orange.

Ultimate height:  3m

Uses: A small tree grown for it’s winter flower interest and characterful shape.

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