Cotoneaster x watereri ‘Cornubia’ – Red Berried Cotoneaster

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This is one of the larger Cotoneasters and can be trained through careful pruning to form a small multi-stem tree.  Cotoneaster x watereri ‘Cornubia’ is semi-evergreen in milder climates which designers and gardeners like as they can be used as a screen.  Semi-evergreen means that the plant retains some of their leaves in winter but not all of them.  The canopy is wide and spreading, but not a very tall tree approx. 6m. In late spring or early summer Cotoneaster x watereri ‘Cornubia’ gets covered by clusters of creamy white flowers and these are loved by bees.  Numerous red berries which appear all over the canopy ripen towards the end of summer and these are loved by birds. 

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Flowers: Small white flowers.

Fruit: Large trusses of red berries.

Bark:  Smooth grey bark.

Leaves:  Semi-evergreen, elliptic, dark green leaves.

Autumn colour:  N/A

Ultimate height: 6m

Uses:  Spreading tree with lots of attractive red berries at the end of summer which are loved by birds.

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