Euonymus planipes – Flat-stalked Spindle Tree

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Euonymus planipes is a broadly upright shrub, and is part of our stock for their showstopping fruit in autumn.  The dark red seed cases with bright orange seeds hanging from it, is very conspicuous and attractive.  The flowers are greenish yellow and on long stems forming loose clusters in May.   

This shrub is quite hardy and not sensitive to frost.  Leaves are elliptical and medium green,  appearing in April, then turn a deep red during autumn.  Euonymus planipes is quite happy in full sun or semi-shade.

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Flowers:  Long stems, yellowish green in loose clusters.

Fruit:  Large lobed red fruits, splitting to reveal orange seeds.

Bark:  N/A

Leaves:  Deciduous, small, ovate leaves.

Autumn colour: Red

Ultimate height: 1.5m

Uses: Small shrub with very attractive seed heads and good autumn colour.

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