Osmanthus x burkwoodii – Burkwood Osmanthus

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Osmanthus x burkwoodii is an evergreen, architectural shrub. We lift the canopies on these to reveal the light brown bark on the stems, creating an umbrella effect. Fragrant, small white flowers appear in the spring, which contrast beautifully against the darker, older foliage. The new fresh leaves are lighter green, and shoot straight out of the top of the canopy. This helps if you’re using these for topiary, or light shaping as you can clearly see where it was last pruned to.

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Flowers:  Clusters of small white flowers, highly scented.

Fruit:  A few black fruits.

Bark:  Smooth light grey.

Leaves:  Evergreen with small, leathery, opposite leaves.

Autumn Colour:  N/A

Ultimate Height:  3m

Requirements:  Sun and semi-shade.  Tolerates heat and frost.

Uses:  With a lifted canopy it can be very architectural.

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