Rewilding update

rewilding field update

The rewilding journey

Three years ago, we embarked on a new journey – an experiment if you will. Leaving a piece of land that was a challenging steep terrain (chosen for this reason) to its own devices, to see what nature had in store, driven by a curiosity to see natures plan without human intervention. Join us as we share the journey of our rewilding project, its challenges, surprises, and the beauty that has emerged from the unlikeliest of terrains.
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The trees

At the forefront of our experiment are the native trees—Ash, Elms, and Oaks spreading through natural regeneration. Our ongoing experiment aims to highlight the secret rejuvenating powers that lie beneath their ancient roots. We have embraced Dan Pearson’s concept of relaxing the land because when left alone the land can adopt its own narrative, which can set in motion a snowball effect with developments happening all the time. Fast-forward to today and the results are already astounding. Not only has the area thrived but it is also a testament to the power of nature when it is left to its own devices. This organic transformation is quite a sight to behold. The once overgrazed steep slopes have now transformed into a thriving ecosystem,. Teeming with life and biodiversity with swifts, moths, butterflies, and many different insects.
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The dance of nature One of the key features within the journey is the pond, which plays a pivotal role. It stands as a focal point attracting insects, fowl, and other wildlife. This has been a remarkable sight to witness the pond’s evolution. Into its own thriving ecosystem with birds arriving to bathe, breed, and feast on the ever-expanding food chain of insects. The pond has become a vibrant hub, where the intricate dance of nature unfolds, offering a captivating spectacle of life and interdependence. The rewilding site can also come alive at night. Bats have found a home here contributing to the delicate balance of the ecosystem. Feasting on the moths and increasing in population. All the while adding that night time thrill and enigma to this natural haven.

The future

This rewilding venture transcends mere landscaping; it embodies a commitment to letting nature dictate its course. The site has become an island of wildlife and biodiversity in the middle of an agricultural landscape dominated by intensive farming techniques, demonstrating the power of minimal interference. Excitingly, we are not stopping here. The re-wilding project is expanding to twenty acres, allowing this island of biodiversity to grow…. Watch this space.