Euonymus alatus

Winged Spindle

I could not resist this plant once I had seen its incredible, bright red autumn display which fortunately persists on the plant for quite a couple of weeks, depending on its exposure to strong winds.

Another interesting feature is its winged bark which is a very striking focal point in winter.  The funnel-shaped plant is very neat in appearance and makes a very striking specimen shrub. It is best grown in full sun to keep its shape and increased autumn colour.

Flowers: Small green-yellow flowers in spring with four petals.

Fruit: Tiny bright red seeds

Bark: Conspicuous corky ridges or ‘wings’

Leaves: Deciduous, small, ovate leaflets, light grey-green in colour

Autumn colour: Bright scarlet.

Ultimate height: 2m

Uses: A shrub with unusual bark and bright red autumn colour

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Euonymus alatus - New Wood Trees