Amelanchier lamarckii – June Berry or Snowy Mespilus

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This is one of our most popular, small garden trees loved by all.  Amelanchier lamarckii has a natural umbrella shaped canopy which allows for crown lifting. This is how we create that perfect small tree with a great canopy, which is bolstered when grown as a multi-stem.  The masses of early white flowers are produced at the same time as the new leaves, which are coppery in colour creating a stunning effect. The flowers don’t last very long, but it is quite a spectacle for the time that they are on display. When the winds blow them off the branches it lives up to the name ‘Snowy Mespilus’.  The small oval leaves on the  Amelanchier lamarckii turn from orange to red in autumn, giving yet another beautiful display of colour. 

The name June Berry derives from the fact that the small red berries appear during the month of June.  When they’ve ripened, they turn black and are edible, although they’re more likely to be eaten by birds first!  This beautiful tree is perfect for any garden large or small. They only seem to get better with time so plant one (or a few) as soon as you can!

Amelanchier lamarckii can be used as both a single specimen tree or part of a larger scheme.  Malus ‘Evereste’ are often planted with them, as their flowering display accompany each other spectacularly.

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Flowers:  Beautiful, pure white flowers together with new coppery leaves

Fruit:  Berries in June, very much like blueberries in appearance, first red in colour, turning to purple

Leaves:  Deciduous, elliptical leaves turning from coppery red to dark green

Bark:  Smooth, grey/light brown

Autumn colour:  Incredible display of reds and oranges

Ultimate height:  8m

Uses:  A perfect small tree for a small garden or courtyard with flower, berry and autumn display

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