Malus ‘Evereste’ – Crab Apple

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Malus ‘Evereste’ is a small, broadly conical tree that has a very beautiful spring flowering display.  They are widely used in orchards to attract insects and help pollinate the fruit trees, but they are too beautiful to be planted for such a practical reason! We grow and prune these so they can fit into every garden as they aren’t as spreading as other Crab Apples. They work incredibly well as a single specimen tree as a focal point in a small garden. They can also be used to great effect when planted in a larger scheme with other flowering trees. 

The leaves appear quite early in spring, and are small, fresh and green. They create a nice, light canopy that can provide a dappled shade. These leaves are closely followed by small flower buds that cover the branches. They are initially pink in colour, but open to pure white blossom with a wonderful fragrance. These flowers persist far longer than other decorative trees. 

In the autumn, small ‘Cox’ like crab apples appear as the leaves start to turn. These apples persevere on the tree for most of the winter, creating a Christmas bauble effect. For all these reasons, Malus ‘Evereste’ is in my opinion one of the best Crab Apple varieties. They work great when planted with other species like Amelanchier lamarckii or Viburnum carlcephalum as their seasonal interests complement each other.

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Flowers:  Very pretty pink buds, opening to pure white with a lovely, fresh fragrance.

Fruit:  Yellow-orange to red crab apples, very much like small Cox apples.

Bark: N/A

Leaves:  Deciduous, Green, apple like leaves.

Autumn colour:  Golden yellow.

Ultimate height:  8m

Uses:  Very useful small tree as a specimen with a beautiful flower and fruit display.

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