Betula albosinensis 'Fascination' - White Chinese Birch

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Slow growing birch tree.  Not very tall, but have a good broadly conical shape.  Dark leaves contract against the lighter bark. The bark is quite multi-coloured as it peels dark brown to orange to coppery to creamy white.   Perfect tree for a smaller space.

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Flowers:  Inconspicuous yellow catkins.

Fruit:  N/A

Bark:  Smooth bark with outstanding colours – creamy white to pinkish to coppery-orange.

Leaves:  Deciduous.  Ovoid or elliptical.  Slightly pointed, light green becoming darker green in summer.

Autumn colour:  Yellow to yellow-orange.

Ultimate height:  6-8m

Uses:  Smallest of the Birch trees we grow. Great for small spaces with beautiful peeling bark in the winter.