Carpinus betulus - Hornbeam

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This popular tree is widely distributed thoughout all the northern temperate regions.

A very attractive tree, it has very smooth twisty bark which is very tactile.  Hornbeam responds well to pruning and can sculpted into a variety of shapes such as hedging, a ball on stem or even pleaching.  New Wood Trees grows Hornbeam as a multi-stem to create a great canopy to sit under.

Hornbeam is similiar in appearance to Beech, but on close inspection you will notice the leaves have serrated edges and are not smooth.


Flowers:  N/A

Fruit:  N/A

Leaves:  Leaves like Beech with more ridged veins.

Autumn colour:  Yellow-orange turning brown, often remaining on the tree until spring.

Ultimate height:  20m

Uses:  A very robust tree, it makes very full and neat hedging, topiary and pleaching.