Crataegus persimilis ‘Prunifolia’ – Broadleaf Cockspur Thorn

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Originating from North America, Crataegus persimilis ‘Prunifolia’ is a splendid garden specimen hawthorn that does not exceed 6m.  It has a rounded umbrella shaped crown which is useful in any garden design and the thorns add to the overall dramatic effect.  Flowering towards the end of May/June, these are covered with white blossoms which are loved by bees and other insects.  Later in the summer the bright red haws (fruits) ripen while the leaves are still green.  The dark shiny leaves and the bright red fruit produces a beautiful display. If that is not enough, come autumn, the tree gets transformed into a blaze of colour.  Some years orange, other years dark burgundy-red.  The fruit produced by Crataegus persimilis ‘Prunifolia’ is a glut for birds before the cold winter months arrive.

During the winter, the thorny canopy creates enough of a screen to block out any unwanted windows looking into your garden! The canopy becomes more dense as it’s pruned, and the tree doesn’t tend to mind crossing branches. We will have already pruned out the worst ones that might be a problem. 

For an alternative tree to this, have a look at our Crataegus coccinea. It’s another gorgeous hawthorn with similar growing habits and attractions.

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Flowers:  Plentiful white umbels.

Fruit:  Numerous plump, orange-red berries.

Leaves: Deciduous, shiny dark green, broadly elliptical with finely serrated edges.

Bark:  Textured, light grey

Autumn colour:  Brilliant yellow-red to red.

Ultimate height:  6m

Uses:  Very undemanding, it is great as a specimen tree which rewards with a flower, fruit and autumn display.  Great for attracting insects and birds.

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