Crataegus x lavallei 'Carrierei' - Hybrid Cockspur Thorn

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It is a sparingly thorny, deciduous small tree with a dense broad crown. It has glossy oval leaves turning red in late autumn and falling late. Flowers are white, followed by large berries.  Autumn colour is orange-red and persists longer than most.


Flowers:  White flowers in late spring

Fruit:  Produces bright red haws 2cm long, that stay on well into the winter.

Bark:  Smooth silvery grey

Leaves:  Glossy green oval leaves

Autumn colours:  Bright red to orange

Ultimate height:  7m

Uses:  Perfect tree for the smaller garden, or even larger gardens.  Great spring blossom.  Red haws in autumn and winter for the birds.  Stunning autumn colour.