Northofagus antarctica – Antarctic Beech

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I just love this tree as it is full of character. It has a very irregular branch structure and small, crinkly leaves which give off a strong, camphor-like fragrance, especially in spring when they are young and fresh. The bark is covered in small white spots which contrast well against the dark purple stems.


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Flowers:  N/A

Fruit: N/A

Bark:  Beautiful dark bark covered with small, silvery white spots.

Leaves:  Deciduous, small, ovoid, shiny, dark green leaves with wavy margins.  Resin smells like camphor when rubbed against.

Autumn colour:  Yellow

Ultimate height:  15m

Uses:  Large tree with a characterful asymmetrical shape.  Doesn’t throw heavy shade, open and airy.

Requirements:  Needs wind protection, otherwise quite undemanding.

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