Ulmus minor ‘Jacqueline Hillier’ – Elm Jacqueline Hillier

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Ulmus minor ‘Jacqueline Hillier’, is a small, slow growing Elm that is resistant to the Dutch Elm disease. They grow with great asymmetrical shape, making each tree incredibly unique and interesting. The foliage is small, light and feathery. Starting off lime green and fresh looking, turning darker through the summer. This contrasts beautifully against the silvery bark.

They’re also incredibly brittle trees which can make transport difficult. We can’t tie them up very easily so we have to allow for a lot of space in the van. Despite this, they’ve actually very resilient trees and can be planted in quite exposed positions. They’re not fussy when it comes to soil either, tolerating all types as long as it’s well draining.

Ulmus minor ‘Jacqueline Hillier’ are a lovely plant to prune to reveal their unique character, and due to their slow growing nature, they’re very easy to maintain. Because of this, they’re often used to bonsai, and will tolerate being potted for a long time.

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Flowers:  Red-brown.

Fruit:  Reddish-brown.

Bark:  Smooth brown-grey.

Leaves:  Deciduous, feathery light green – darker with age.

Autumn colour:  N/A

Ultimate height:  4m

Good looks:  Unusual shape as a focal point.  Immune to Dutch Elm disease.

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